How much protein in one meal?

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I’m following your recommend protein intake from your book how much protein to build muscle along with an intense 3-day per week work out program. It is working well for me, but a couple questions about my protein intake are still looming in my head.

Specifically I’m wondering how much protein in one meal?

I’ve read in articles on the internet about protein intake that said a person cannot absorb more than 30 grams of protein in one meal. Is this true?

If it is true, does this mean if I ate the recommended daily intake of protein to build muscle in one meal, I wouldn’t be meeting your recommended requirement? I don’t consume that much protein in one meal, but I am curious to know if I eat a meal with 40g does the 10 grams go to ’waste’?

Also, what happens when I take my It is also why people take protein after my workouts?




Hi Jeremy,

There is strong scientific evidence showing that you are able to adapt to the amount of protein you ingest. Meaning, as you eat more (or less) protein your digestive system learns to digest and assimilate more (or less) protein at a given time or meal. So the amount of protein you are able to utilize is largely dependent on the amount of protein you typically eat in a meal or a typical day.

This means whether it's over a 24 hour period or in one single meal, you will learn to utilize the amount of protein you provide to your body, as long as this new intake is consistent. However, it will also take several days to your body to acclimatize to a new protein intake these changes aren’t instantaneous.

It takes days for some of the enzymes and receptors to either down regulate or up-regulate in reponse to a change in your typical protein intake. Some of these enzymes are responsible for the oxidation of the Branched Chain Amino Acids, and their tight regulation is essential to preventing a toxic build up of BCAAs in the blood.

Also, this regulation does not seem to change just because it's a post-workout meal.

Of course, this does not mean that you will simply build more muscle once your body gets used to the higher protein intake, rather a more reasonable suggested would be that your body is learning to oxidize any surplus protein (basically use any protein you aren’t using for building new tissues as a fuel).

The bottom line is that even if you learn to absorb all the protein you eat, all that extra protein isn't simply turning into tons of new muscle (I wish it was that easy).


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