Protein and Amino Acid Articles

The following are articles about how protein and amino acids influence your ability to build more muscle. They also include articles on some of the lesser none effects of protein and amino acids on the body - such as their ability to stimulate insulin or protein synthesis in your muscle and your body fat.

Amino Acids And Insulin - Effect of Amino Acids on Insulin Levels

Amino Acids Supplements - Safety and Toxicity concerns of Amino Acids and Amino Acids Supplements

How much protein in one meal - How Much Protein can you Digest in One Meal?

Protein After Workout - Do You Need to Eat Protein Right after your Workout?

Post Workout Protein - How Much Post-Workout Protein Do I need?

High Protein Diets - How Much Protein is in a High Protein Diet?

Branched Chain Amino Acids - Introducing the Branched Chain Amino Acids

Protein to Build More Muscle - Does More Protein Build More Muscle? (Dose Response)

Protein And Insulin - Protein can increase insulin levels

What is Protein? - And what is protein made of?

Protein and testosterone - Dietary Protein can cause a decrease in your testosterone levels - should you care?

Protein and Muscle Growth - What role does dietary protein play in your ability to build muscle?

Protein Powder Quality - Why does the the taste your protein powder change?

Protein Guilt - What is protein guilt and how is it holding you back in your weight loss and fitness goals?

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