Protein Guilt

Carbohydrates and Fats have both taken their turn as the evil food that you should never eat, and they have also been the 'food of choice' that promoted all sorts of health benefits - some real, some make-believe.

Believe it or not, protein has gone through a similar cycle. At one time too much protein was thought to cuase diseases, and lead to 'bad health'. However, these days protein is always the golden child that can do no wrong.

For the most part, protein does deserve this golden reputation. It is essential to human life, and we seem to be able to adapt to a wide range of protien intakes from low protien diets, all the way up to high protien diets the include four to five tiems the RDA for protein intake. And whild these high protein diets do not seem to have too many adverse side effects, there is one very LARGE effect that no one is talking about...

I think protein has been put so high on a pedestal for both weight loss and muscle gaining that you can begin to suffer from something I like to call “protein guilt”.

So what is protein guilt, and what are its symptoms? Well I’ll tell you.

If you eat any food and especially EXTRA food (like protein or amino acid supplements) simply because you think you need it to get in your daily protein, then you may have protein guilt.

If you constantly worry about how much protein you eat, and actually start to feel stress and emotional discomfort if you think you haven't eaten enough protein, then you may be suffering from protein guilt.

If this sounds lke you, don't worry - you are not alone.

I realized I had protein guilt a few years ago when I used to analyze every meal I ate for its protein content. If the meal I was eating didn’t have at least 30 grams of protein I went out of my way to eat something else to make sure I got my full 30 grams of protein. Heck, I even started to calculate the branched chain amino acid content of my meals!

This is a perfect example of protein guilt – I felt guilty if I didn’t eat a precise amount of protein at every meal. I couldn’t just enjoy my food anymore, I could only think about the protein content because I believed protein was so important for burning fat and gaining muscle, that not getting enough of it at every single meal was a health-disaster.

After all, it was HEALTHY to OBSESS over protein...

Now I realize that I was actually OVEREATING because I felt the need to get more protein into my body. I would drink an extra glass of milk or make sure I ordered double chicken breast when I ate salads, anything to make sure I was eating MORE protein. I was denying the fact that I was overeating just to get more protein...And the combination of overeating, and emotional stress is not something that I would ever consider to be healthy.

This is how protein guilt can sabotage your weight loss efforts, - justifying overeating just to get more protein in your diet.

It may only be an extra 300 to 500 calories, but if you are trying to lose weight, this can make all the difference in the world - even if it comes from protein.

It sounds silly, but anyone who has ever been 'in to' bodybuilding and health and fitness knows what I am talking about.

To this day I still struggle with protein guilt (I use it to justify my chocolate milk cravings) but now at least I can eat an apple without forcing myself to have some milk or chicken to bring up the protein content of that meal.

I’m getting better for sure, but I still feel twinges of protein guilt almost every time I eat. And when I'm making meal choices at a restaurant, I still consider protein content every single time I order.

The truth is if you live in any modern industrialized society you most likely already eat enough protein without even thinking about it. Even though I now know better, this protein guilt still bothered me enough that I researched and wrote an entire book about protein just to ease my mind about how much protein I really needed to build muscle while losing body fat.

I know this sounds a bit extreme but this was the only way for me to get over my protein guilt. Fortunately for you I’m done writing the book and you can get the final answer about protein without having to do all the research and write your own book.

The truth is, protein IS important to your health and fitness goals. And while many of us eat enough protein already, some of us do not. Regardless - if protein has become a source of stres or obsession in your approach to health, then you need to take a serious look at whether or not you are suffering from protein guilt.

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